Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The 2 Oceans

I know, I`m spoiling you (both my readers) by posting twice in a week but hey, I aim to please. Time has really been in short supply and the motivation to post has seriously been lacking too. I started a Posterous blog, which is basically blogging for lazy people, of which I apparently am one.
That site can be found at Running Golfers Posterous and is just a silly little sideline if I`m honest.

In any case, the reason for this post is to give you some feedback on my running. Yes, I am still running although I must say I haven`t taken it too seriously for the last year or so. In fact, I only got serious again in December, when I entered the 2 Oceans half marathon. The biggest race I have ever entered and I am beyond excited.

So it was the usual thing. I had to get fit and lose weight. Sounds like a replica of 2 years ago. Well, truth be told it has gone reasonably well. I lost the weight I needed too (9 kg`s AGAIN!!!) and have upped my fitness considerably. I have put in more miles during the last 7 weeks than I did during the 10 weeks leading up to my 1st half marathon. I am reasonably comfortable in the knowledge that I should be able to finish in a fairly decent time. I`d be happy with anything between 2:10:00 and 2:30:00.

I`m flying out to Cape Town tomorrow morning and then flying back on Sunday morning. The only sad thing is that Hayley can`t join me. That would really have been the icing on the cake. She has to work unfortunately. Her whole family is there and my Father-in-Law will pick me up at the airport tomorrow morning and we`ll head straight to the 2 Oceans Expo to register and collect our numbers etc. I cannot wait! I intend to spend some money there, that`s for sure!

So, that`s my story. I am really, really excited about the opportunity to run such an awesome race in the most beautiful place on earth. Such a blessing.

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Kevin said...

Running for the birds.