Friday, November 13, 2009

I won! (Part deux)

Ok, you have to go watch this video! It`s on Bob Skinstad`s site and this is where he announces me as the winner. Not just that, he says the kindest things about little 'ol me. I`m so chuffed!

Not often you get to hear cool things being said about you, by your hero. Life is good this Friday morning!

I`ll post a photo of my Bob Skinstad Springbokjersey and of me IN my Bob Skinstad Springbok Jersey very soon. Will pick it up today and get photos done as soon as my better half is back home.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vanilla Ice Castle Lite tv ad

Great new tv ad for Castle Lite featuring Vanilla Ice.

Monday, November 2, 2009

I won!

I am probably the most unlucky person on earth when it comes to competitions. I have never won anything. I do enter them but I never win, not even a chocolate.

That is until this weekend. Bob Skinstad, my all time rugby hero, runs a competition whereby you have to guess the exact score in order to win a rugby jersey. This competition has been running the whole year and I don`t think anybody has won it. It`s quite difficult. I mean guessing the EXACT score in a rugby match is virtually impossible.

So on Friday Bob announced that the winner of the #Guessthescore competition will win one of HIS Bok jerseys. Worth a shot I thought, so I emailed my score to him. I backed the Bulls to win the Currie Cup Final 36-24.

On Saturday we went to Riaan and Sally`s place and watched the game there. I supported the Cheetahs throughout the game but with about 20 minutes to go and the score 33-24, I kinda got the feeling that I might be in with a shout of winning Bob`s jersey. The Bulls then got a penalty with 14 minutes to go and Morne Steyn duly kicked it over. The score was 36-24 BUT there was still 13 minutes to play! I couldn`t watch anymore, so I walked around the garden popping in every now and again to check the score. Well, the final whistle went and the score was 36-24!

Bob confirmed that I was the winner on Twitter a while later and sent me a message asking me for my contact details. I literally couldn`t sleep on Saturday night! I woke up at 02:00 and couldn`t stop thinking about the prize I had won!

To put it into perspective, I have always been the biggest Bob Skinstad fan. To this day he remains my favourite rugby player of all time. My mate Andre Pretorius got him to sign a World Cup 7`s ticket for me, when they played in Argentina and it read 'Faffie, you rock!'. That is still one of my favourite possessions. Andre also arranged a game of golf with Bob when he signed for the Cats. We played at Blue Valley and it was one of the best days of my life.

So, to win a Springbok jersey, worn by my hero, is the biggest treat imaginable. I am beyond excited! AND, I finally won something!

Here`s a link to Bob`s blog, where he announced me as the winner!