Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We`re the Kings of the World!!

Well done to the Proteas (Our National Cricket side) for their first ever series win in Australia! It was worth getting up at 01:30 this morning to witness such a historic event!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick update

Thanks so much for all the comments on my previous post. I am having such a nice time with the family, it truly is a blessing having them here for the holidays. Obviously blogging has taken a back seat but I promise to keep you guys updated (maybe not everyday but as often as possible).

For this update I have a few photos, which will give you a good idea of what we have been up to.

I just want to add that I miss all my blogging friends tremendously! I hope you guys are all having a wonderfully blessed festive season.

Lots of love and God bless!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Helloooooo Kevin!

I am so sorry for being such a bad blogger! I know it`s been ages since my last post but we have been so busy here that blogging has unfortunately taken a back seat.

I will try to do a post with a bit of an update in the next few days but suffice to say, we have been having a really nice time with friends and now family. We are off to the beach in the next 15 minutes again. What a tough life we have here in Africa... :)

Ps. Kevin, thank you for your concern, you can call of the search party and drop the Amber Alert to Red....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wallets - check, ID`s - check, car keys - ........ ?????

It`s been a few days but do not fear, the Running Golfer is here. We had an awesome weekend away and got back late on Sunday night. Since then I have not even been on a blog. For some reason I just didn`t have the inclination. So today is my first day back in the blogosphere

We spent the weekend in Umhlanga, which is situated on the East Coast of South Africa in Kwazulu Natal. I loved every second of it. Hayley and I are not too fond of the East Coast mainly because the humidity is terrible. We are creatures of comfort, as you probably know! But I must say, Umhlanga was awesome. We had the best time

The reason for our visit was that my Father-in-Law, Clive, turned 60 on Sunday. It was such a privilege to spend this time with such a wonderful family and more especially with my Dad, who is my role model in so many ways. Dad has timeshare in Umhlanga and the rest of the family go there every December for a week. Hayley and I joined them for the first time. It`s not that we`re not invited, it`s just that we have always been working during this week. So this year we finally got to spend some time with the family

My real story is something that happened at approximately 16:00 on Sunday afternoon. Hayley and I flew back at 18:00 on Sunday and Mark had to fly back to Johannesburg 30 minutes later. We had a 30 minute drive to the airport, so we all got ready to leave. We had just packed the last stuff into our tiny rental car. I was playing with Devon when I suddenly heard a commotion behind me. I looked around to see Hayley`s face a whiter shade of pale. She had locked the car keys in the car. The doors were all locked and although we could see the keys, we had no way of getting to them. So, there we were, all our luggage had been packed into the car, including our house keys, my car keys etc. We only had her handbag with our wallets in it. Dad phoned the AA and they said that they would send somebody to assist in getting the keys out the car. Dad would wait for them and then race to the airport as soon as the car was open again. We however, were running out of time fast

So after figuring out that we would be able to fly back and get the spare keys from the "dog sitter", Hayley`s Mom jumped into Dad`s Murano and we RUSHED to the airport. We got there just before 17:00 and saw that our plane had been delayed by 15 minutes. I went to the BA office and explained our situation with the luggage. The nicest lady helped me and got pour luggage checked, without it even being there! How cool was that? She said that we could just bring it as soon as it arrives.

We stood waiting and 5 minutes before boarding, the little Hyunday Atos came zooming around the corner with Clive Schumacher behind the wheel! We grabbed the bags, raced to get them checked and made it with literally a minute to spare!

I wish I could day this was an anomally but I can`t. There is never a dull moment with Hayley and her family and I have gotten used to something strange happening, always!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

10 Things I love about you

My wife is an original. I have met nobody else like her and I doubt I ever will. So I decided to do a list of things that makes her unique and totally awesome.
  1. Hayley will try any dance move. We`d be sitting watching tv and somebody would bust a move on MTV. All I would need to say would be "can you do that?" and she would be up in a flash. I`ve seen her do all kinds of moves. Some don`t even have names (and most of them don`t even exist). Her signature move is "the running man". Truth be told, no moves look like the ones on tv but she tries and that makes me love her.

  2. Hayley considers herself an introvert. Yet, I have never met anybody who talks more than her. She would sometimes talk just to hear her own voice. I shut down sometimes and will just throw in a nod, every few minutes. This is enough to keep her going.

  3. Hayley loves food more than anybody I know. Last night for instance, she had a whole chocolate egg in her mouth and asked me "why can I not stop eating?". I didn`t have to answer that one.

  4. Hayley has a heavy foot when it comes to driving. If you see a Hyundai Getz zooming around Somerset West, that`s Hayley. She of course denies it but my wife is the Fernando Alonso of the Western Cape.

  5. Hayley adores Christmas more than anybody I have ever known. Christmas had been a pretty sad time for me until I met Hayley. I had been far away from my family (My Mom, Sister, the kids and Brother-in-law emigrated to NZ) and I was always depressed on Christmas. Hayley gave me a love for Christmas again and spending Christmas with her family has certainly made it easier for me. I now heart Christmas thanks to Sweetie.

  6. Hayley sleeps with the light on when I`m not around. Enough said.

  7. Hayley gets so involved in her tv shows that she is completely oblivious to everything around her, especially me. I can talk and she would not even know it.

  8. Hayley is the disciplinarian when it comes to the dogs. I cannot bear to see Elvis upset, so it`s up to Hayley to keep the discipline going.

  9. Hayley will be able to name any animal in the Kruger National Park. She is absolutely brilliant and one of the best spotters I have ever come across. We would spot a buck and she will tell you exactly what kind it is and add a few facts. I am truly in awe of her knowledge of the wild.

  10. My wife is a clever lady and a tough one to get into an argument with. She should have been a lawyer cos she can argue like nobody I have ever met.

So there you have it, a few reasons why my wife is so awesome and so special to me. A unique person especially designed for me.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

An African Sunset made in heaven

You know me and my sunsets, I heart them. This was the magnificent sunset that greeted us on Monday night. While watching this spectacular sight the lyrics to one of my favourite Live songs went through my head.

I don't need no proof when it comes to God and truth
I can see the sunset and I perceive

It certainly rings true.

Thanks to my Sweetie for the awesome pics.