Thursday, May 28, 2009

Adam Lambert

I`m gonna use my bi-monthly blog post to bemoan the fact that Adam Lambert did not win American Idol. Why America why?

I started off as a Danny Gokey fan. Danny could do no wrong as far as I was concerned. I loved his voice and I loved his story. I suppose his story was what got me liking him in the first place.

But as the show progressed it became blatantly obvious that AI had uncovered probably the most talented male artist in the world. It started when he sang "Mad World". He came out in a suit, with his hair gelled back and I thought my wife was gonna have a seizure. The sensitivity in his voice made me sit up and take notice.

He followed that up with my favourite performance when he did "Tracks of my tears". I became a fan. Adam was consistently the best performer on the show. He took chances. I mean he did Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, U2, Tears for fears. There is nothing this man cannot do.

I am a huge AI fan. I watched the first season while holidaying in New Zealand and have watched every season since. I am a big fan of Carrie Underwood, Chris Daughtry and David Cook. All of them were amazing but none of them even comes close to Adam Lambert.

He is unique, brilliant and more talented than any Idol before and probably after.

If you get a chance go to MP3boo and download his AI album. Listen to "One", the studio version. I tell you, amazing doesn`t even begin to describe it.

This is a studio recording of "Tracks of my tears". Sit back and enjoy.


brigitte said...

i agree, i agree, i agree. he is amazing. i am going now to mp3boo.
thanks francois

how are you????

Frank J said...

I've never watched a full season of AI before. Now that it's gone, I've found myself missing my weekly fix...

Ah well. My Lambert was fantastic and as Kris said himself, "Adam derserved this".

Adam is so talented, I don't think we have to worry about his future...

Rambler said...

I totally agree... what were America thinking!

Oh well, it's not like coming second means we'll never hear from him. apparently Queen are offering him a gig... should be amazing...

Danita said...

FINALLY! Someone with my thinking!!
He is BRILLIANT!!! I'm still in shock.

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Brigitte! Saw your blog and so glad you could download the album! I`ve been listening to it non-stop!

We`re doing well here. How are you guys? I see it`s a cold and rainy in the Cape! Hayley and I REALLY miss the Cape Winters.

Hi Frank! I must be honest, Hayley and I are fanatical about AI and Adam is the best ever! No doubt about it.

Hey Rambler! I saw the Queen thing. That is massive! I mean they have been without a lead singer for 18 years and surely there must have been a lot of interest to fill the void Freddie left. FOr them to be interested in Adam after ONE performance with them says all you need to know!

Hey Danita! As you can see us here in SA are also massive fans of AI and Adam! Why did you not organise a voting party? I hold you partly responsible... :-)

Wenchy said...

i never watched.