Wednesday, September 30, 2009

61 days

61 days, that`s how long it`s been since my last post. It`s not that I haven`t had much to say, it`s just that I haven`t had the urge to say anything.

Things are going ok on this side. Been working really hard but so not enjoying my job at the moment. At least there are things happening with regards something else and I am really praying that it`ll be a reality soon. I`m basically biding my time until I can finally do something I feel really passionate about again, which most certainly is not the case now.

So, this blog is called The Running Golfer, right? Well, I haven`t been the best runner since we moved back to Joburg. My golf is getting back to where it was and I feel pretty confident with a putter in the hand. The running has however taken a bit of a back seat over the last 6 or so months.

The real problem with that is that I have picked up 10 kg`s over the last 6 months. It sucks and I feel disgusting. It`s incredible how the body just lets go if you don`t look after it. My clothes are "toight like a toiger". Let`s leave it at that.

I got back on the road about a month ago. I try to run 3 or 4 times a week but it`s not always possible. I can`t go run after dark like I did in our estate in Somerset West, it`s just too dangerous. So I can only go on days where I get home early-(ish). I started off doing a minimum of 4 km`s and I had to walk at least once or twice on every run.

The last week I have seen a rapid improvement. I can now run a very comfortable 5 km and it feels great. My pace is increasing and my times are dropping. Heart rate is also getting used to the altitude.

So, at least I am starting to shed the pounds, which is great. Hayley and I have decided to go on a bit of a health kick until December. We wanna look good on the beach you see!

In any case, I know it`s a pretty boring post after 61 days of being incognito but at least it`s something, right?


Hayley said...


The Running Golfer said...

Hellooooooo Sweetie!

Heather Nicole said...

Hey!!! It's good to see a post from my SA friend :)

Good for you on the running! So tell us when you started this something you did as a kid?

Sadly I've never had the interest in running b/c I know how slow I am and funny I look!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Heather! Nice to be back!

I was never a runner as a kid. I was pretty good at sport but I only ran when I had to. The one time I did decide to go for a jog (instead of studying, I was 10 at the time) I was bitten by a big dog. So that was that!

Started on and off a few years ago but only got into it last year. Now I`m trying to get into the same shape as last year and it`s HARD work!

Thanks for popping in, it`s great to chat to you again!

Cindy said...

Good to "see" you back...hope the work enviroment gets better for you. Running always lift my spirits when work is yucky.

eda said...