Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A big hello from the Running Golfer!

The Self Imposed Blogging Hiatus (SIBH) has now officially come to an end. It has taken a while for me to come up with something to say and truth be told I still have nothing. But, that hasn`t stopped me previously and it won`t stop me now.

Firstly, a very happy New Year to all of my awesome blogging friends. I really have missed you guys and plan on doing a lot of catching up! Thanks also to everybody who made an effort to stay in touch, it is much appreciated.

The holiday was really cool. We spent the best time with Hayley`s family. It was awesome. I have always worked over the December holidays and have been stuck in the office when everybody spent time on the beach. This year was different and I had as much fun as everybody else. It was great! I got a tan, went to the winefarms and even became a brilliant boogie boarder...

We did quite a bit and Hayley has kept you guys updated for the most part.
Here is a list of some of the things I got up too:
  1. I ran 2 races with my Father-in-Law and Brother-in-Law. Both 10km`s
  2. That was the only running I did during the holidays
  3. I have the stomach to prove it
  4. On one of these runs, Mark and I were nearly attacked by a deranged 70 year old walker (we participated in a 10km walk and got special clearance from the organisors to run the race as we made it clear we we did not want any prizes. This old gentleman did not want to hear any explanations from the 2 whippersnappers who came RUNNING past him and duly tried to take us out. We were too fast. Eat our dust Mr 70 year old deranged walker)
  5. We were however beaten (to the finish line) by 3 male walkers and 1 lady
  6. Yes, we had to eat their dust
  7. I slammed my fingers in a car door
  8. It was sore
  9. No, I`m not 6 years old
  10. I taught Devon how to "take you down to China Town"
  11. Hayley and I taught Devon to make the L for loser on his forehead and say "LO-O-O-O-SER" while doing it
  12. He duly used this new phrase on his older brother Kyle
  13. I learned all about Ben 10 and how important a Ben 10 watch is to a 4 year old boy
  14. I gained 3 kilograms in 2 weeks
  15. I got up at 01:30 in the morning to watch our national cricket side beat Australia for the first time in a test series down under and it was SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET
  16. Finally got to see Quantum of Solace and loved it! (Not as much as Casino Royale but awesome nonetheless)
  17. Cried a bit when they banged up the Aston Martin in the opening sequence
  18. Felt much better when the baddies who did it got driven off a cliff
  19. Went to bed at 23:00 on New Years Eve and missed the new year
  20. It was exactly what I wanted cos I was really not sad to see 2008 go
  21. I made no resolutions for 2009
  22. Saw Graeme Smith, the captain of our national cricket side, come out to bat with a badly broken hand and the whole stadium (full of Aussies) stood up to applaud him
  23. Biff (his nickname) is DA MAN

Hayley and I are currently enjoying our last few days together in Somerset West. She flies back to Johannesburg on Sunday and starts work there on Monday. I will sort everything out on this side and join her in February. I really hope the month goes very quickly, I don`t like being away from my sweetie.

So there you have it, my first "arb" post of the new year. Hopefully I have many left in me!

God bless Y'all...


Heather Nicole said...

Yay! The Running Golfer is back in motion! I am thrilled :)

I hope you enjoy your last few days of vacation. You need to be more careful with your blogging fingers... :)

Glad your back, Heather

Miller said...

The holiday was really cool. I enjoyed every moment of it.

Although we got beaten by "The Hammer" we had a good time at both races. The wine(which was consumed in large amounts) was a good painkiller for the sore finger!

See you in Jo'burg soon!

The Running Golfer said...

He he! Hey Heather! I am so glad you`re excited at my return! It`s goooooooood to be back!
Can I use the sore finger excuse for not blogging? Naaah, didn`t think so!

Hey Mark, yip it was awesome! Cannot believe how quickly it came and went. See you soon!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

for someone who didn't have anything to say, you did well!

very entertaining, thanks!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Jacki! Good point, it sounds like something I`d say to Hayley.... :D

Ps. Happy New Year!

nessie said...

Yayyy!! You're back :D

lisa said...

hey, francois
funny how different your list is from hayley's account of your trip :)
glad you're back. happy new year!
remember friends like to just hang out don't have to share profundities in every post. we stop by because we love ya!
praying for you to have a busy, productive, quick month so you can be w/ hayley soonest.

The Running Golfer said...

HEY LISA!!!!!!! Hayley and I spoke about you last night and wondered how things were on your side. I trust you guys had a wonderful festive season!

Thanks so much for the cool comments, as always it is so much appreciated!