Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Home Alone

So as most of you know, Hayley left for Johannesburg on Sunday and I`m the Mccauley Culkin of Somerset West. Ok, maybe he has more hair but you get the picture. I`ll be here till at least end February to pack up the house and get everything ready for the big move back to Johannesburg.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I HATE being away from my wife. Hayley really is my best friend and we just get each other. We don`t have to do much to have a good time. Give us a tv and a few decent shows and we are set. I think we were meant to be together. Nobody else would put up with either of us!

So the last 3 days have been a bit of a struggle for me. I`m so used to our little routine. You really do get set in your ways as a couple, or at least we do. Most of our routine consists of tv, reading and eating. (As your can see we don`t have kids yet...). It works for us and makes us happy! Life at it`s best.

This afternoon I was watching tv and it just didn`t feel right. I missed Hayley and just didn`t feel like tv. I decided to get my Ipod, sit on the patio and watch the sunset. What an awesome idea!

I sat outside for 2 hours, watched an amazing sunset, listened to some of my favourite music and got all nostalgic. It was exactly what I needed. I had company in the shape of my 2 dogs, Elvis and Phoebe. They did not leave me alone for a second and only came inside when I decided to pack it in. They heart their Dad...

I have now decided that it`ll be a weekly thing. Even if I sit next to Hayley when she watches tv or reads but I will make an effort to listen to my music one night every week. It`s so strange that I`ve never done this before. I mean I absolutely love my music and it`s such a huge part of my life. Why do I often neglect it like I do?

So from now on, it`ll be musical Tuesday or Thursday, depending which night has the worst tv... :D


Heather Nicole said...

I can't believe you have to be apart ofor almost two months! That must be awful.
You should fly out and surprise her one weekend :) At least you have the doggies to keep you company...they are good companions.
I'd love to hear what tunes ur jamming to!
Take care and try not to get into too much trouble like mccauley!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Heather! I was thinking about you earlier. Do you know a band called Seether? They are South African but have done really well in the States. My favourite Seether song is "Rise above this" and I reckon you`d like it. I`ll see if I can post if sometime.

Ja, 2 months is rough. Hopefully we`ll get to see each other before then.

I love all kinds of music, seriously, it ranges from heavy rock to classical. My favourite bands are Live, The Killers, Counting Crows, Radiohead, Collective Soul, Lifehouse and Kings of Leon. And of course I adore Hillsong (still can`t believe your brother didn`t go!!!).

Thanks for the comment, as always much appreciated.

Ps. Still can`t find Wii Monopoly anywhere...

Heather Nicole said...

I love Seether...we have a few albums.

I wonder if Monopoly for the Wii is not released overseas yet. Maybe on ebay?

Do you know that I still cannot find Nigella Lawson's Christmas cookbook! *tear*

The Running Golfer said...

YAY for Seether!!! So glad you like it, thought you might. Rise above thgis is my ringtone for Hayley!!!

I`ve seen Monopoly for PS2 but cannot find it for Wii. I`m sure it`s here but looks like it`s sold out everywhere.

If you want we could send you the Nigella Christmas book. let us know.

David Richardson said...

Seether? I'll check 'em out on Itunes. What are their best songs? I like putting new stuff on the Ipod!

Sounds like a good time, Francois. Watching a long sunset is definitely my idea of relaxing too. I enjoy an IBC root beer when I do that!

lisa said...

ok, hayley's gone and the pressure's on!
let me guess; you have a list where you need to:
get the house sparkling for sale, organize and start packing,
post on your blog (not too subtle am i?)
and give your sweet hounds lots of love and exercise, as they are missing hayley and y'alls routine also.
glad the music @ sunset was a good time. the full moon two nights ago was especially pretty to me.

brigitte said...

Home alone, not nice. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, or so they say.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Francois, you and I are kindered spirits!! As you know I'm also home alone with my two little pooches, so I know exactly how you are feeling. I shall get my Ipod and a glass of wine and do the same tonight.
Chin up ;-)

Heather Nicole said...

Thanks for that offer, that is kind. I am going to wait it out until my Birthday in March...if I dont find it/recieve it by then...I may take you up on it!

Ordinarylife said...

phew - two months! I am sure it will feel like ages, until it is nearly up and then it will feel like it has flown.

Good luck, I am sure Hayley is probably missing you just as much on that side!

Kevin Davis said...

Man time is appropriate.

Darryl said...

Kris and I spent about six weeks apart when we moved from KY to SC -- it is certainly tough, but made us appreciate one another all the more!

I'm sure you'll find yourself quite busy preparing for the transition, as well as catching up on blogs!

I'll see if we can keep Joe Pesci from traveling to SA . . .

Miller said...

It must definitely be difficult for you, but time flies and before you know it you will be up here.

Enjoy those sunsets... music (of which you have a great collection), the view from your patio and the wine(which I know you have)... that will help pass the time!

See you up here soon!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey David! Seether is pretty cool, although some of it is a bit hard for my old ears! I do love Rise above this, which in my humble opinion is their best song. Check that one out.

Hey Lisa! Yip, Hayley left me with a list longer than my arm! I have so much to do. The dogs are having a royal life at the moment because sergeant major Malherbe isn`t here at the moment... ;-)

Hey Brigitte! How are things going at work without your friend? I bet you are actually getting some work done!

Yay for Kerri! I hear you my "kindred" sister! I hope you did the Ipod and a glass of wine sunset thing yesterday? Please phone Hayley and DEMAND that she come over to your place tonight to say hi. She said she was gonna try to see you guys today.

No problem Heather. Ps when in March is your birthday? I`m the 21st.

Hey Pam! Ja, it`s not too great but what can we do. Just keep the head down and not think too much!

Hey Kevin! Amen brother...

Hey Darryl! Thanks for the encouragement. I`m sure it`s gonna go really quick. Like I said, I have so much to do, it`s actually gonna be hectic here!

Howzit broer! I hope it goes really quick, so I can see you guys.

Kevin Davis said...

Well you have a picture of Mccauley Culkin on your blog!

Mom said...

Hi Faf Can you imagine what it is like having a daughter back at home. Not used to it. Hayley make your bed!!! Hayley have you hung up your towels?!!! Hayley have you put your washing in the basket? It goes on and on. And of course .... no talking in the morning ..... Love having her here. Love you Faf see you soon. Mom

The Running Golfer said...

Kevin, touche.... :D

The Running Golfer said...

Mom, all I can say is that the house here is very clean, with everything in it`s place, dishes done, towels hung up. The finger therefore points at Hayley for being the messy one... :)

Ps. A hint, don`t try to converse with her first thing in the morning, it won`t work....

Miss you guys and I so wish I can be there with you. not long though...