Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Refuse to be denied

I absolutely adore this song and found it by accident.

One of the main radio stations here in SA is 5FM. Now it`s aimed at the younger market, so I obviously don`t listen to it very often. Not too keen on the dj`s or most of the music. Having said that I own many of the cd`s by the artists featured on that station. I know, I`m strange. It`s ok, I`ve made peace.

I have always liked one of the dj`s though. Her name is Koula. I suppose I started liking her when I read how she had taken up running and she even did the Comrades Ultra Marathon which is the best known race in South Africa. It is a murderous 90km and takes place between Durban and Pietermaritzburg. Thousands of runners from all over the world take part every year and it is massive. Probably the best known Ultra-Marathon in the world.

So she has always been the one 5FM dj that I have "followed" and enjoyed. We do tend to follow those people that we have something in common with.

One Saturday night, while Hayley was away, I was flicking tv channels and came upon a late night South African talk show. Koula was the guest, so I decided to check it out. She was chatting about her running and her job and it was the usual stuff. Then she started talking about her new tv show which was gonna air the next morning, called Psalted. It is a Music Show, featuring the best in Christian music. The host of the show was kinda shocked and said "Christian music?". Koula then went on and explained that she was a devoted Christian. She even joked and called herself a "happy clappy". Respect. I for one love it when people stand up for their beliefs at the risk of being mocked. Especially on live tv. Mind you, I don`t think this specific talk show has more than 50 viewers.

I digress.

So the next morning I made a point of watching the show. This song, Refuse to be denied by the Desperation Band was on. I had never heard of the group but immediately loved it. I`m sure you guys will too.

Let me know what you think.


Kevin Davis said...

That was a good song - I liked it.

Heidi W said...

I love that!!! Thanks!

lisa said...

their church in colorado sponsors a youth/young adult conference called desperation, hence their name. love the band. link above is for their p & worship dvd.
i've liked their "stadium rock" songs for a while,
but this song is a great prayer, isn't it? thanks for sharing it, and for telling us about koula.
if there's a call-in show, you can tell her she has world-wide fans now, all praying for her :)

Miller said...

Simple but effective and powerful lyrics. Thanks!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey guys, so glad you enjoyed it!!!
Lisa, thanks very much for the info, I`m really keen to get to know more about them.

Cindy said...

I always appreciate new music and I found these guys on Rhapsody.