Friday, July 3, 2009

Chris Daughtry - Poker Face

First heard about this on Twitter, from the man himself. I obviously had to go check it out.

This is absolutely brilliant stuff! Just shows what a great musician Chris Daughtry really is.

By the way, things are still good. Been back in Joburg for almost 5 months. Can you believe it`s been that long? Somerset West and the Cape are just happy memories. Sometimes it feels like it never happened and that is was all just a dream. Albeit a dream swinging from the nightmarish to the absolutely sublime.

We will be back in Somerset West for a 5 day holiday at the beginning of August and I am so excited. Cannot believe how quickly the last almost 5 months have flown by. It will be awesome sleeping in our old house again. It is now a holiday home for the whole family. We are really fortunate that my Father-in-Law saw the potential in the place and decided to buy it from us. Now we`ll still get to spend time there every now and again.

I haven`t had a run in quite a while. Too busy working. I have picked up a lot of the weight I lost last year and feel horrible for it. Hayley reckons I look GOOOOOOD but I think she`s just making me feel better!

Anyways, I`m sitting at work at the moment and need to get a few things done. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do cos he really made it awesome!


Wenchy said...

I heart Chris Daughtry

Hayley said...

If I didnt se you everyday, I would have thought you had died!

Its about time you blogged!

Pamela said...

wow - his version is awesome

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Wenchy! I know Chris Daughtry is awesome and should`ve won Idols when that half-witted, grey haired poephol won.

Hello Hayley, long time no see. HA HA HA!

Hey Pam! I think it`s time you get a Twitter account so we can stay in touch!