Thursday, July 16, 2009

Twitter vs Facebook

Admit it, we all have either a Facebook or a Twitter account. I was always kinda the Facebook man. Twitter didn`t appeal to me too much. I mean watching people`s status updates the whole day? That just sounded dumb.

So a few months ago I took the step and opened a Twitter account. Not sure what to do I typed in a little status update and sat back. A few days later I went back and updated again. Things is, it still looked pretty dumb to me.
Then one night I sat next to my dearest wife or as I refer to her these days, @hayleymalherbe. She mentioned that Ryan Seacrest was pretty cool to follow. Huh? You can follow celebrities? I immediately grabbed the laptop and started searching. This became a bit of a hobby over the next few weeks. I would go onto Ryan`s profile (as an example) and check who HE follows. Suddenly a whole world of celebrity comings and goings started opening up. I found some awesome celebs and sportspeople. Larry King, Ashton Kutcher, Andy Roddick, Ian Poulter, Joel Houston of Hillsong Church, Josh Groban, Pink, Richard Quest, Brooke Fraser etc etc.
I then found the South African angle. Bob Skinstad, Aki Anastasiou, Koula, Louise Carver, Duncan Mcleod, Arthur Goldstuck, Chris Roper, Dan Nicholl, Simon Dingle and a lot more. Now I could find out what each of them were doing at the touch of a button.

The next piece of the puzzle fell into place when I started following Skysports, News24, Mail & Guardian, Manchester United, WP Rugby and the like. You would know exactly what was going on in the world by merely hanging around Twitter.
I have also hooked up with a whole lot of blogging, real life and internet friends. Kevin (@thirdplace), Heather (@heather2nicolel), Prodigal John (@prodigaljohn), Wenchy (@wenchy), Jacki (@scrappintimes), Henre (@henre), 6000 (@6000), Rambler Clive (@ramblerclive), Kerri (kerriisacks), Sleepy Jane (@SleepyJane). You get the point.
I downloaded Tweetdeck for the laptop and Ubertwitter for my Blackberry. Traffic, not a problem. I`ll play on Twitter. Having said that, I probably won`t be stuck in traffic cos Aki keeps us updated continuously. I have had conversations with people like Koula, Chris Roper, Duncan Mcleod, Bob Skinstad and Simon Dingle.
Twitter has become a major part of every day. In fact, it`s the first thing I check every single day. It has become my preferred source of information. As an example, I learned about the whales at Kommetjie, the massive earthquake near NZ, the plane crash in Iran, Andrew Flintoff retiring from test cricket and the death of Michael Jackson from Twitter. Not CNN, SKY or, the Good Lord help us, the SABC but TWITTER.
So, where does Facebook fit in? It doesn`t. I`ll only go on if I get a "Friend Request". It just doesn`t feature anymore. It bores me to death.
Hopefully I`ll get to see all of you who read this post on Twitter one day. Give me a follow if you want. @RunningGolfer would love to see you...


Heather Nicole said...

I'd say you are a crackberry addict :P

I still love facebook though

Thanks for the shout out :)

Simply-Mel said...

You make a GREAT sales pitch I have to decline for fear of becoming to involved in following everyone else (potentially more interesting) than hanging about living and interacting with the beings in my house.

I have also cut back on blogging and FB. My time will come and I will catch you okes on the bandwaves.....miss your blog though.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

missing your blog too, but love hanging out with you on twitter. you are one of my funniest and favorite follows. the day is just not the same when you get distracted by work, and go all quiet.

i agree. i only "got it" when i started following interesting and funny people. now i love it!

The Running Golfer said...

Hey Heather, I`d say you`re right! Bit of an addict at the moment!

Hey Mel! Well, this post was actually a subtle HINT to get YOU on Twitter but it seems all my hard work was for nothing. *sigh*

Hey Jacks! Aaaawww, thx so much for the kind words! I love your updates too and always have a giggle. Like when WORK gets in the way of play. Very funny indeed!

eda said...