Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Universe conspiring

I got a message from my friend Nessie yesterday. She was wondering where in the world Faffie has been. Too be honest, I`m not sure. I`ve been here and things have been pretty hectic but it`s not that I haven`t had time to blog but more a case of the universe conspiring against me blogging.

First up, we are still busy unpacking and living out of boxes. Not the best environment to create a blogging masterpiece in. Secondly, I have been struggling my backside off with the 3G and more specifically the software of said 3G. I have downloaded new software of the website and tried everything but to no avail. Sometimes I have to restart my laptop 10 times before it reads the 3G card. I`m so sick of it. It drives me bonkers. By the time I get to restart number 9, I inevitably give up.

We had Unlimited Wireless Internet in Somerset West and it was such a good deal that the company who we signed with actually went bankrupt. Another company took over and they tried to swindle me into a 4Gig package for the same price. I said "no thank you I`m gonna shop around" and the salesperson said "hold on, let me call my boss" which he did and 30 seconds later he came back with "ok, we can continue your contract with unlimited internet". Fancy that.

So this 3G thing has been working on my nerves in a big way. Granted it`s faster but it is not the greatest, especially considering all the problems it`s been giving me. I reckon I`ll take it to a Vodacom 3G shop today, along with my laptop to see if somebody can assist.

Otherwise things are going well. It`s been great seeing the family often and spending some time with friends. Haven`t gotten to see them all yet but hopefully the small matter of Faffie`s birthday next weekend will sort that one out.... hint hint...

Just wanted to finish off by saying I`m really sorry for being so quiet and for not visiting your blogs during the last few days. I promise to make it up to all of you.

* Just to prove me point, this stupid 3G bombed out on me and I lost the last bit of my post which was all about running at altitude here in Joburg. Oh well, at least I can`t bore you anymore than I already have.


Wenchy said...

I wish I had unlimited internet. My kids would love it.

Ordinarylife said...

Good to have you back, even if sporadically!

Good luck with getting it your 3G sorted.

lisa said...

no apologies needed. priorities are good to have :)
miss you, and love you & hayley.

jacki janse van rensburg said...

go to the vodashop in the lakeside mall, and take your laptop. they have always helped me very well.

no unlimited internet though...

Tamara said...

I feel your pain. Still fighting with Telkom about my DSL line. Spent 45 min on the phone with one of their twits, eventually to be told that he couldn't actually help me - their network was down in my area.


Good luck getting your 3G sorted out ;-)

David Richardson said...

Well, we'd rather have a little bit of Francois than none of him! Ha! Ha!

Hang in there, friend.

The Running Golfer said...

Hey guys! Thanks for popiing in and commenting.

Wenchy, it has certainly spoiled me, getting used to capped internet is gonna be a drag.

Pam, thanks for sticking by me during the sporadic posting!

Lisa, thanks so much, you are such an awesome friend! Go Sox!

Thanks so much Jacki, I`ll do just that!

Tamara, Telkom is the bain of many a lives. They suck so bad it`s scary.

Thank you David! I`ll hopefully have a bit more to say in the not too distant future!

nessie said...

Sorry for the internetz dramas. Glad to have you back though :)