Friday, June 20, 2008

Christiano Ronaldo

So, the best footballer in the world has seemingly decided to let money be the "master of his domain", to coin a phrase from Seinfeld.
He now wants to leave Man Utd for the riches of Madrid.

Ok, so fair enough you say, footballers leave their clubs all the time. This time to me is different. Firstly, United have invested lots of time and money in this extremely gifted player. Remember how his, ummmm how can I put this gently, balls were on every English football fan`s wishlist when he got Rooney sent off? Sir Alex remained loyal to the player. Damn, he even sent Carlos Quiroz to go chat to Ronaldo and his ouma to keep him at United.
So, Ronnie stays at United and becomes the best footballer in the world. The United faithful adore him, the english press even plays "nice" and leaves him alone (most of the time). Utd then win back to back Premiership titles(beating Chelski and the Pounds brought in by their handsome and oh-so suave owner) and the Champions League Title. In doing so they probably get the mantle as the best club side in the world. Would that be enough for our Mr Ronaldo? You would think so.

As you now know, he has decided that he wants to leave Utd for Real Madrid because the Galacticos are throwing unparralelled money his way. What he fails to grasp though, is that he`ll spend quite some time on the bench next season. It happens to all the big ones who join the Galacticos. But, I suppose the new car, house and 300, 000 quid a week will make up for it.

Christiano must realise that loyalty is the trait of the true professionals. Look at Ryan Giggs, a more honest hardworking pro you`ll struggle to meet. He remained loyal to Utd for almost 20 years. It has brought him unequaled success in the game. Stevie Gerard at Liverpool is another example.

What would the next step be for Ronaldo? Unfortunately he is purely a commodity in the eyes of Real Madrid. He will be sold to the highest bidder in a few years time, be it LA Galaxy or a Man City funded by a certain shady character who goes by the name of Shinawatra. But until then, he would have sold millions of Pounds worth of merchandise for his new employers. Easy come easy go as they say. He also won`t have the best manager in the business looking after him and guiding him anymore. Leon, uhh sorry I mean Berndt, Schuster will be his new boss but for how long we do not know. The board at Real are a fickle bunch. The one thing he doesn`t have to worry about too much is that talented youngsters will come through the ranks at Real. They don`t waste time on such a ridiculous notion, they`d rather pillage other clubs for their best players.

But having said all of that, should he decide to stay at Utd, welcome home my son....

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