Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well, I`m running my first half marathon on Saturday and I am petrified! I phoned to find out more about the 10km race to be held in Napier on the weekend and the organiser informed me that they do not have a 10km but only a half marathon. The man (Sakkie) was really cool though. I explained to him that I have never done a 21km and that I am comfortable with 10k races. He said that the cut-off was 3 hours and that if I don`t make it, he`ll wait at the finish with my medal! How cool is that? Now look, I`ll probably be able to finish in 2:30 (hopefully) but it is still very scary. Will I make it? Will the dodgy knee hold up? Will the dodgy ankle hold up? I know, I sound like a war veteran (I was in the army for a full 7 days back in '91 and it was Upington, so I`ll be able to pass as a vet).
I did phone my father-in-law, who I trust implecitly with everything, for advice. Seeing that he ran 10.26km with me on Saturday, I had full faith in his opinion. He was very positive that I should do it. Breaking it down he said that I`ll probably be able to run for at least 15km, which leaves my with 6km. So, it`ll be me, my New balances, my Garmin GPS and heart rate monitor and my brand new Strand Athletics Club vest on Saturday with the number 4047. Whohooooo, 21.1, here we come!
Till later


Hayley said...

Good Luck Sweetie

Francois said...

Thank you gorgeous