Wednesday, June 25, 2008

88 days, 12 kg`s and approximately 300 km`s

Ok, so my running story started in earnest 88 days ago, 31 March to be precise. It was on this day that I decided I had had enough of being out of shape, overweight and extremely unhappy.

I was 90kg, which is way to much for my frame. At 1.81m I should be in the region of 75kg (keeping in mind my build, bone structure etc).
So, hard decisions needed to be taken and it was.

I decided to start running again but not just the 3km saunter I used to do. This time I was gonna work hard. The first run was hell. I struggled all the way and barely made it back home. I walked in between also just to ensure I DID make it home.
On top of the running, I joined hayley on Weight Watchers.

The first few weeks were really tough. The running didn`t come easy and it was hard, hard work. But, I persisted and kept at it. The diet took a lot of self discipline too. All in all, it was very tough.

Slowly but surely, I could see improvement both in my fitness and in my weightloss. A 5km run used to be as far as I could go but then I pushed to 6km. Before I knew it I went 8km and then 10km! That was incredible. 10km was always a push too far, that run that you aspire to but never thought possible. So, the one day I went for a run and just kept going. I was buggered at the end but it was all worth it. Slowly but surely my heart rate also fell. From 185 when I did my first 3km`s to an average of 152 bpm on my first half marathon! No words can describe the feeling of pride when you see the hard work paying off.

The same can be said for the weight loss. From the heady heights of 90kg to a sleek (well almost!) 77kg as at today, the last 88 days have been the most important of my adult life. I feel like a new man, more healthy than I have felt in a very, very long time.

So, hopefully the next 88 days will be as fruitful as the last. At least I`ll be able to share it with you, my unknown cyber buddies who may or may not read my blog.

So, join me for the ride....