Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ok, so here we are at the start of yet another Trinations. So far, the Boks have won 2, Australia 2 and the All Blacks the rest.

Although it is always exciting, I have to ask myself if it still holds the public interest like it used to? Don`t get me wrong, I won`t miss a game and wouldn`t for the world but still, there is something missing.

Remember the good old days, when your Mom or Dad woke you up at 03:00 in the middle of winter to go watch the Boks play the All Blacks? Freezing cold you jumped out of bed and sat infront the tv until the final whistle. Then, I always wanted to go kick my "Bokkie" rugby ball outside. Mom of course wouldn`t let me cos it was 06:00 and picth dark, not to mention freezing cold!

But for me, that will always be better than the Trinations. Tours of old, where the Boks played midweek games (the perfect place to blood youngsters and see if they can take the step up) and test matches on Saturdays. Where the first side to beat the Boks (outside of the tests) got the coveted Springbok Head as a prize to honour their achievement. That to me is still the ultimate.
In 1981, the Boks slept in squash courts within the stadium in NZ due to animosity towards them by the public at large. That same team came within a whisker (no pun intended on the very large snorre back in the day!) of winning the series. An as yet unexplained penalty at the end gifted the win for the All Blacks.

The only problem is tv now rules the world. TV rights make rugby unions profitable and ultimately, tours have been banished because the suits need money. A very sad state of affairs.

What of the Trinations this year? Australia are my picks, if for nothing else then for the fact that they nicked the best coach in the world from under the noses of the Kiwis. The AB`s will be a force as always and the Boks will definitely have the added incentive of proving their worth as World Champions.

I reckon this Trinations might just be the closest for a long long time but I would give anything for a Bok tour to NZ....

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