Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roger Federer

Well, I am devastated. Roger is probably my favourite sportsman and after an epic Wimbledon final he has lost his crown to Rafael Nadal.
The final will probably go down as the best of all time. It ebbed and flowed between two of the best players to ever play the game. Unfortunately it didn`t go Roger`s way but that is sport. There will always be a winner and there will always be a loser. My favourite didn`t win this time but surely there will be more grandslam titles. He will beat Pete Sampras`s record of 14 grandslam titles, of that I have no doubt.
What is however a fact is that Roger is the best player to have ever played the game. The elusive French Open title will no doubt come his way soon and that will be the final piece of the jigzaw.
I have a feeling that the loss today will be a catalyst in his career. This year has been his worst for 5 years. There is talk that he suffered glandular fever in January, which would explain quite a lot. He will however sit down, take stock and come back better than ever. He has walked the courts for the last few years knowing that he is the best. Rafa has been his only competition. On clay Rafa has no equal, the best to ever have played the game on that surface without a doubt. Until today, Rafa had not won a Grandslam on any other surface. That however all changed about 25 minutes ago. Rafa beat Roger on his favourite surface and that will hurt. Roger will go back to the drawing board and come back better. The topspin backhand will be refined and that will make him unbeatable.

I also want to add that he may have lost today but the fight he showed was that of a true champion. He wasn`t close to being at his best but he fought with everything he had. That makes him an even bigger hero is my eyes.

So, although my heart is very sore I know that you sometimes have to take a step back to go 3 steps forward.

This will be the case with Roger.

2009 will see him equal Pete Sampras`s record and hopefully overtake it and in doing so, become the greatest of all time.
I will be there for every second of the ride...

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