Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yip, I did it. Finished my 2nd half marathon and ran a pretty decent time. I actually beat my previous best by almost 17 minutes!

It`s so awesome to see and feel the progress. I went past the 10km mark in under 60 minutes and felt really strong towards the end. Only problem was my previously mentioned left knee which gave me hell from about the 5km mark. This slowed me down quite a bit and I am sure that if it gets better, I`ll be able to go under 2 hours, easily. I did go to the physio yesterday and she diagnosed 2 problems. ITB and a problem with the lateral ligament. Let`s hope it`ll be sorted quickly.

But besides those little issues, the running is going really well. My average heart rate for the race on Saturday was 148, which was very good. Consider that my average heart rate for my first 2 km run was 185!!!! That shows how my level of fitness has improved. Of course there is a long way to go. If I can get my knee sorted, I would like to do a marathon but I fear that is in the future. For the time being I am happy with my progress.

I suppose I can now call myself a runner? I have always felt like an impostor. Doing my 3km in the beginning surely made me feel more like a walker than a runner!
But that is in the past, for now I am a runner and part of the running community. A great place to be.


Hayley said...

Yip you are doing so well Sweetie! Proud of you!

Francois said...

Thank you Gorgeous!

Miller said...

Well done Broer. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself so much. Keep setting those goals and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

From a fellow runner.

Francois said...

Thanks broer, looking forward to doing a race with you soon.