Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 11 o' clock Thrust

So I`m working from home today and I have gotten quite a bit done. The weather is waaayyyy to cold and rainy to even set foot outside the house, especially if you can get work done from your own study.

I took a break and went onto my wife`s blog (read it here ). She bemoaned the fact that the house is very quiet with our family having left yesterday. Trust me it is very quiet and we miss the family already. There is however one thing breaking the silence at the moment....

Elvis is trying to hump Phoebe. The poor boy unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) does not have an idea where what goes. At the moment it is the side entrance. If one uses the watch analogy, he is coming in (excuse the pun) from 3 o'clock. He sometimes tries other times / zones / techniques like the "11 o'clock thrust" or the "4 o'clock parry". None of them are very successful but he is trying to refine his technique and a big up to him.

Now all the above takes place with a fair amount of noise. Imagine a Massey Ferguson at three quarter throttle? That is roughly the sound eminating from the lounge area at present. Phoebe, bless her soul, takes it like a true soldier. Ok, she tries to fend the perpetrator (Elvis) off 80% of the time but to no avail. The "perp" has at least 10kg`s on her (and she ain`t a petite lady).
So, it`s like watching a ballet of fur and fat. A dance of love, lust, heavy breathing and the occassional bite.

Why don`t I stop them for doing their little ballet? I can`t. Elvis prefers the ballet to food at this stage. And in any case, you try telling a 40kg bulldog that he cannot have what he so obviously wants....

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Hayley said...

Gee, I am now so looking forward to coming home :-)