Sunday, June 22, 2008

The day after the big day

So, I finished my first half marathon in a pretty decent time of 2:24:30, which was good enough for 98th place. This gave me a silver medal in my first race! Ok, the field was probably only 300 people but still. Fact remains, I picked my first race pretty well!

The race itself was pretty awesome. It was held in a little town called Napier, in the Western Cape. Most of the race took place on farm roads and in wooded areas. Really cool. It was a pretty tough one but a wonderful way to start my "career".
I met a few awesome people during the race. Henk from Cape Town helped me through the first 7 km`s and then I was fortunate to meet up with 3 housewifes from a church in Bredasdorp. Their bright green shirts had "running for Jesus" on the back and they were really cool running partners. I ended up running most of the race with a lady called Marietjie from this group. Ok, she dropped me with about 3 km`s to go but still! Thanks to them for lots of advice and encouragement in my first race.

I also want to say thanks to my wonderful wife! She has been really supportive during my training and with everything that has happened this year.

The race was dedicated to my wife, Hayley, my Mom Rita who I miss so much and my Father-in-Law Clive for all his guidance and support in this new "hobby" of mine.

Till next time

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