Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ten years off my life....

So I went to bed late last night. A lot of reading to do! I eventually switched the light off and drifted peacefully into dreamland.
I must`ve been asleep for 30 minutes or so, when I heard a noise. I was on my side and turned my head towards Hayley. Suddenly I saw a hand above me, palm facing down and looking like it was coming in to strangle me!!! I screamed a little scream and kinda jumped up. It`s then that I saw it was Hayley`s hand.

I blurted out (in a not too manly voice): "what you doing????"

Hayley answered back: "I don`t know"

I shouted: "Are you nuts????"

She said: " " and carried on snoring.

My heart was pounding at a 100 miles an hour and it took me a while to get back some form of composure.

This morning I asked Hayley about this terrifying ordeal. She remembers dreaming that she had to "push something"... I don`t trust this one bit, in fact it stinks.

If I suddenly stop blogging, phone my family in New Zealand, the hand might have got me....


Miss Hannah said...

haha - Glad I'm not the only one whose spouse says/does wierd and creepy things in their sleep!

Francois said...

Hey Hannah!! So nice to have you here!
Hayley and I laughed so much at your "Full Disclosure' post. It was so funny!

You have a really cool blog and I hope you don`t mind but I have added a link.

God bless