Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Shack - a few thoughts

Well, I finished "The Shack" last night. Stayed up till late reading it, just couldn`t put it down. I was absolutely riveted by this book and found it very enlightening.
Although an awesome read, some of it does get quite difficult and just like Mack, I found my mind turn to "mush"! Mind you, it was late and I had a long day!
So this morning I got up early and decided to find some explanations to a few of the issues I needed clarity on. First stop was the official site. The discussion boards really help a lot.
After some more internet searches I happened upon a few sites where the book is not regarded so fondly. The main issue being that a few of the points raised in the book are not alligned to what the Bible says. Some of the discussions turned very lively, to say the least.
Now I immediately want to qualify my point of view. I am a newish Christian. Let me put it this way, I have always been a Christian but only recently gave my heart to the Lord formally.
I have so much to learn but I`m enjoying the ride so much. So, I don`t profess to know everything the Bible has to teach us, in fact it`s quite the opposite. What I do know is that I`m very committed to learn and that my relationship with God is growing daily.
So, from that point of view let me state categorically, I loved The Shack. I loved the way in which William Young explained the Holy Trinity, that is a very difficult concept for a new Christian to come to terms with. His views made complete sense and I feel I understand it for the first time. The storyline was great and I thoroughly enjoyed the read.
The main theme is the love God has for us and the fact that he wants us to love each other the same way.
Pretty easy hey? Not so easy in fact. What I found on some of the sites were Christians taking each other on about issues within the book. Some believe the book does more good than bad and others believe the discrepencies are just too much to even suggest it to a friend.
My feeling? I think the book`s heart is in the right place. It has obviously had a major impact on a lot of people. Don`t you think God would welcome this? I fail to see how something (anything) that brings people closer to God can be a negative.

I certainly felt closer to God after reading it and is that not the crux of the matter?

This is a quote from the book and I loved it:
Faith never knows where it is being led,
But it knows and loves the One who is leading.

-Oswald Chambers


Musicaljean said...

I just saw your comment on Stuff Christians Like's post, so I came over here. (Your name caught my attention as I used to know a little boy named Francois from Belgium years ago.)

I recently read The Shack and was DEEPLY moved. Just like you, I couldn't stop till I was finished. I've seen all the negative stuff too, and I'm sorry you had to read it. You are so right that the main point of the book was God's incredible love, first of all among the Trinity itself, then for us, and that we should love each other that way. To me, another huge point was that I can trust Someone who loves me that much. Just let those truths soak into your soul and tune out the Christian bickering over the book.

Francois said...

Jean, thank you so much for taking time to firstly visit my blog and secondly leave a comment.

I have, like you, decided to not get involved in the bickering surrounding this amazing book and rather concentrate on the wonderful message, the way it made me feel and more importantly the fact that it brought me even closer to God.

Thanks so much for popping in, I look forward to chatting to you again.

God bless

allie said...

HI again Francois!

Just now found your comment re The Shack on my blog.

I really MUST find a way of monitoring comments left later than usual!

What do you do about that?

Anyway - I'm so glad the book affected you the way it did me.

I, like you, felt closer to the Lord after reading the book - which is a huge thing. And, after all, it is not setting itself up to be a theological treatise, is it?

I especially loved the way it dealt with the way that some people (unwittingly maybe) feel Jesus is their Friend, but God - hmmm, maybe not so much.

I kinda feel that it meets people on such a personal level that if someone didn't like it - hey! thats fine.
I don't want to debate it with them though.

BY the way - you say you are a pretty new Christian? -
And you loved the Oswald Chambers quote.
Its from a fav book of mine:
"My Utmost for His Highest"
Its a classic.
Daily readings
If you haven't got it -do yourself a favour - get it.
you will never regret it

Francois said...

Hi Allie!

I could not agree more. What I loved about the book is the fact that it throws all preconceived ideas out the window. I won`t go into detail but you know what I mean.

Ja, a pretty new Christian in the sense that I had been "lukewarm" for a long time and only recently decided to commit. Feels great!

I will definitely see if I can find "My Utmost for His Highest". Sounds pretty amazing.

Thanks again for taking time to comment, it is greatly appreciated.


Lisbet said...

Good words.