Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Shack

Just a quick post today (bit busy with the work thing!). I started reading "The Shack" last night and I must say, I haven`t been so riveted by a book in a very long time. Tonight cannot come quickly enough so I can settle in and read some more.

Hayley has her fingers on the pulse of everything new and she mentioned this book to me a few weeks ago. I of course thought it was some Mills & Boon novel (do they still print those?). When I finally saw what it was about, I was sold. Good work as always by my Wife.

I won`t give away the plot but I can tell you I am completely taken by this piece of work. Here is a post from the site which I think perfectly sums up what the book is all about.

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Reading "The Shack"' wasn't reading a book, it was listening to a song...a bittersweet, melodious, grand song that every person should hear. Reading "The Shack", wasn't reading a book, it was finding a treasure... a deeply hidden priceless, shining treasure, that every person should discover. Reading "The Shack", wasn't reading a book, it was taking a journey, a soul-searching, simply difficult, incredible journey that everyone should make time to take. Reading "The Shack", wasn't reading a book.....it was reading a love letter. A beautifully haunting, touching, loveletter, that every person needs to get......that no one could forget. No, it wasn't reading a book........it was recieving a gift!!!! Thanks Papa!!!

So, till next time God bless!


Darryl Bridges said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for the link! I actually perused yours a few weeks ago when you posted on David's blog -- I look forward to seeing you around the blog-world!


Francois said...

Hey Darryl! Thanks for popping in. Looking forward to chatting with you. Really enjoy your blog, hence the link!

Keep well and read you soon!


Kevin Davis said...

It's on my list - everyone is talking about it.

Kevin Davis said...

Hey - wanted to get your thoughts on this article - http://blog.beliefnet.com/godspolitics/2008/08/south-africas-complex-challeng.html

David Richardson said...

My wife just finished reading this, and she keeps telling me I need to do the same. I guess now I will.

Oh yeah, I just put a link to your blog on my blog. I'll be glad to send my traffic your way.


Francois said...

Hey Kevin and David!
As always great to see you guys here! Kevin, with regards the article you sent me, I have replied by email. Hope it`s ok.

David, thanks so much for the link. It is much appreciated!

As for the book, it is really an eye opener. I would love for you and Kevin to read it and give me your thoughts. I should finish it tonight, God willing, and give some feedback by tomorrow.

Till then, God bless