Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend away

Hayley and I are having a weekend away and we are certainly making the most of it.

We are lucky enough to be spending the weekend at Pinnacle Point , which has one of the most awe inspiring golf courses you will ever see. To give you an idea it is probably South Africas version of the world famous Pebble Beach. I was very fortunate to have played some golf here in October of 2007. Needless to say I was so awe struck that I played some very bad golf! The development is incredible, with the most amazing houses and villas. Ours is a villa owned by one of my best mates. He graciously gave it to us for the weekend.To think he wants to get rid of it!!!!!! Over my dead body!

I will give you a proper update when we are back, don`t want to waste time on the laptop when you have all this around you!

Lastly, Andre thank you so much my buddy. We are having an absolute ball here.


Kevin Davis said...

That's how it happens. No good golf day comes when you need it. But yet we keep playing.

Francois said...

The problem is that no matter how badly you play, there is always that one shot that brings you back. If only I never hit THAT shot, I could`ve saved myself a lot of suffering!