Sunday, August 17, 2008

What this weekend taught me

I`m writing to you from 37, 000ft, halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town. We flew to Jhb on Friday for Adam`s Christening. Adam is Lindsay (Hayley`s sister) and Mark`s youngest boy. We had an absolute ball. I love Hayley`s family like my own and I am so lucky that they love me in the same way.
It was a weekend spent chatting, laughing, crying, eating, drinking, sharing…. Did I mention eating?
So, what did I learn this weekend? It might be something new here or there but mostly it just underlined a lot of things I already knew or believe in.

1. A kid (Devon) will always do the opposite of what you tell them too. Ie. “Do NOT smile at the camera Devon!” will elicit the broadest, most beautiful smile possible.
2. Chai Tea ROCKS and Spicy Chai Tea ROCKS even more
3. Mark and I will always end up being in some kind of trouble if we`re together. This time we sat chatting next to the braai (barbeque) and nearly forgot to do the last pieces of meat.
4. A braai (barbeque) that takes more than 2 hours will ensure restless natives inside the house
5. Hungry family members will eat their own
6. The kids table at a party always has the best food
7. My wife is the best
8. Michael Phelps is a hero to a lot of people (including me)
9. Jamaicans are pretty quick
10. The All Blacks are more often than not better than my beloved Springboks
11. We still love our Springbok side
12. People in Johannesburg drive almost as badly as those in Cape Town
13. Manchester United needs a striker (I left with 10 minutes to go in the Newcastle match, so have no idea of the result)
14. Whenever I`m not with them, I really miss Elvis and Phoebe
15. Father Trevor is a wonderfully eloquent preacher
16. We are defined by our family and friends
17. My Father-in-Law is a bigger hero than Michael Phelps
18. You can ALWAYS count on your family
19. You can ALWAYS count on your best friends
20. No matter how far apart, certain bonds will never weaken
21. My Mother-in-Law is a very brave lady
22. Devon will fake some sort of injury if he wants to be carried
23. My Father-in-Law has the coolest toys in the world
24. An Audi TT is a better all round car than a Nissan 350Z
25. The only diver at the Olympics to do a belly flop was a South African
26. Adam is the friendliest baby ever
27. Kyle (Mark and Lindsay`s eldest) will always help
28. I cannot go to OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg without getting a lump in my throat and a tear in the eye
29. Saying goodbye really hurts
30. I am one lucky guy


Miller said...

Awesome post Broer! Even though the Braai took 2 hours remember - you cannot rush a good thing! That is also valuable bonding time, not to mention valuable WINE drinking time. I really had a brilliant weekend with Hayley and You here in Joburg. Pity it's over!!!

Francois said...

If it wasn`t for the hungry folk inside, we could`ve sat outside the whole night!