Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Evolution of the Do - The economic impact of the credit crunch

The evolution took a tricky turn the other day. Very much unplanned but like Rocky Balboa and Adriaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn, I can roll with the punches.

Basic economics is an interesting subject. Take my head for example. I have roughly 42 hair. If I had a smaller head (in square centimeters not in ego size) like, let`s say Jessica Simpson, those 42 hair would be enough to cover most of it. I could even have a fringe that starts a few centimeters above my eyes and not at the back of my head, maybe even a Man Perm. I digress, economics and my head.
It came to my attention that I was paying WAAAYYY too much to have my head shaved at my normal spot. I had to fork out R120 for this MASSIVE job. For my international readers, I have done a quick exchange rate calculation.

R120 = 14.66 US Dollar
R120 = 8.25 British Pound
R120 = 10.36 Euro
R120 = 18.49 Aus Dollar
R120 = 22.28 New Zealand Dollar
R120 = 53.38 Quatar Rial
R120 = 1538.69 Japanese Yen
R120 = 1,657,789,876,878 Zimbabwe Dollar

Now if I had the luxury of a full head of hair, I think that price would be reasonably fair. I don`t however, so the haircut works out to R 2.86 per hair! Suze Orman would soil herself and would have to go see Dr Phil for counseling. I do not wish that on anybody, let alone Suze who just wants to help me. So, we needed to make a plan.

And that is exactly what we did. Hayley and I bought a shaver. Not just any shaver, a round one that fits in the palm of your hand and which you can use to shave your own head. Incredible! I made a decision based on simple economics that would save us a lot of bucks. The shaver will pay itself off in roughly 2.67 shaves.

So, on Saturday night we get home, I whip the shaver out, chuck the Operating Instructions in the bin, plug it in, aim it down the middle of my head and away I go.

Now what I failed to do during all the excitement was check what number the attachment was. It was a very low number I soon found out, a very, very low number. All I could see was a lot of hair falling to the ground. I realised that something was amiss. So, I went to a mirror, which in hindsight (which is 20/20 by the way) I should have done to begin with.

This was what greeted me. Tah-Daaaaahhhh!

Ok, not the best move ever, I realise that now. The shock was so much that I had to take a step back and reassess things. I decided to wait until Sunday to make my next move, so this was the look I was rocking in my house on Saturday night.

I now know that errors in judgement cost me (see how I effortlessly threw the Economics thing into a sentence? "cost" - get it?). For starters I should have read the Operating Instructions. I did go fetch it out the bin. Unfortunately for me, the part that shows you how to "clean and reassemble" is covered in some kind of foodstuff. All I can make out is, "clean" and "BEWARE". Secondly, never ever do more than one thing at a time. "Thinking" and "shaving" are verbs and there`s 2 of them. I cannot multi task like that. So from now on, I am putting my brain in "sleep mode" until I`m done shaving. Thirdly, cut out the bit where it tells you how to "Clean and reassemble" before throwing the Operating Instructions away.

The most important lesson I learned from all of this? Do not make a decision based on Economics, you`ll regret it for a week, maybe two.

To get Hayley`s perspective on the situation, read this.


Hayley said...

My husband, has far too much time on his hands!

Francois said...

Hey, if I can save somebody from making the same mistakes as me, writing this was worth every second of the 2 hours.

Darryl Bridges said...

The good thing about a mistake like this is that it is self-correcting . . . hair grows back!

I have been "home-cutting" my hair for about three years. My wife cut it for the first year or so, and once did exactly what you did -- forgot to attach the blade guard. I finally started cutting my own hair to keep her from being hassled, and have found it quite convenient (as well as money-saving).

Thanks for sharing, and don't give up on the home-cutting . . . it gets easier!

Francois said...

Darryl, that is fantastic news. I`m so glad that somebody can actually look good cutting their own hair and you have proved it!

I`m sure my next one will go better. I`ll never, ever forget to check the attachment again!

nessie said...

francois, this was an amazing post! There I was thinking, hey, the way this guy explains the principles of economy, even I can understand!! Then came the crop line. That's the kind of photo blogs are made for...
And this just about made me fall over:
"Suze Orman would soil herself and would have to go see Dr Phil for counseling."
That's how I knew you were talking business...

Kevin Davis said...

Good times. My wife painfully cuts my hair - I too have far too few to pay someone else to do it.

Francois said...

Nessie, thanks for the comment! Must say I had a ball writing that post. Nothing better than laughing at yourself and teaching economics! :)

Kevin, I`ve seen the "Do" and your wife knows her stuff!

Heather Nicole said...

Francois, dont feel bad. My husband has an "island" of hair on his head. haha...poor guy is only 27. The best way to keep from having to do a combover is to shave it. So once a month I get out the clippers and shave him bald. Its not so bad...when you only have a few hairs left, sometimes its just best to let them go...

Francois said...

Hey Heather! Yip, I have accepted my predicament. I always knew it was coming, it runs in the family unfortunately.

Now I just need to learn how to get it shaved properly, then I`ll be a-for-away! :)