Sunday, September 7, 2008

A great Friday turned into an awesome weekend

The last time we chatted, it was late Friday night and I was in bed, Hayley was snoring next to me and the US Open was on.

It is now 21:30, Sunday night. Hayley and I are in bed, each with our laptops, each on our blogs. Very much the same thing we do every Sunday night!

I had a great Friday night and that has continued through the weekend. The dreaded Spring Cleaning came and went. I DID mow the lawn and that led to me being treated like a King the whole weekend. Ok, let`s put it into context. I am not a manual labour kind of guy. I have always been the one to get people to mow the clean, clean the garden and do the cleaning. You get the picture. Well that all changed yesterday. I mowed the lawn, cleaned the back yard, the patio and the garage. This resulted in my wife falling in love with me all over again. I might just do this again.

I did a lot of manual labour as a kid. I felt like one of those slaves who make Nike`s in Indonesia. My Dad made me mow the lawn, wash the car, fix the roof, put in new garage doors etc etc. I must say that I always helped him in all the above but it always felt like I was forced to do something I didn`t want to.

Let it be said, I was lazy. My Dad had to force me to do all the above.

So, lest I digress, I felt like I had turned into my Dad yesterday. I was mowing the lawn on a Saturday morning. I`d usually be in the shops on a Saturday, definitely not doing manual labour out of my own free will. My, how things have changed. The scary thing, I really enjoyed it (Ps. do not tell Hayley).

I watched rugby the rest of the day and we had an awesome braai (barbeque). We then watched Stand up to cancer, a subject which is very close to my heart as I lost both my Mom and Dad to cancer and one of my favourite people on earth, who is both my inspiration and the best man I have ever met, is currently kicking it`s butt. You keep kicking it`s butt, you are such an inspiration to all of us and your undeserved love keeps all of us going every single day.

Today was another awesome day, although Spring lasted all of one day, yesterday. Today was terribly windy and very cold.

I got up this morning, weighed myself and then went for a 10km run. The result of the weigh-in inspired me to run as far as I did. I`ll leave it at that.

Hayley and I watched a dvd by the name of "As it is in Heaven". What an awesome movie, I loved every second of it and it is definitely on my list of all-time favourites. It has so many themes running through it, I am still trying to contemplate it`s vastness. I hope to do a post on it very soon.
So, here we are, another Sunday night. Tomorrow it`s back to the grind and the stresses and worries that are our lives. I know it`s gonna be a good week, my faith tells me it`s gonna be and I look very much forward to facing it head on.


Miller said...

It sounds like its a good thing spring doesn't come around more often. You would be knackered Broer! Good on you for enjoying it - it is only because you don't do it often, you do realise that. I think we have missed spring and headed straight into summer. 28 degrees today. thank the Pope I had work, so i couldn't mow the lawn. Darn!!!!!

Francois said...

Spring only lasted 1 day here and that was Saturday. It has been raining ever since. Why could it not rain on Saturday and save me from the dreaded Spring cleaning? Ok, just kidding, it wasn`t that bad.
I see they predicting 31 for Jhb and 37 for Pta today! Crazy stuff for so early in the season.