Friday, September 5, 2008

A great Friday night

Ok, Hayley and I are weird like that. We both love movies but NEVER go to them. Strange really. We always end up watching everything on dvd.
I think it`s my fault. Take tonight as an example. Hayley said "I know, let`s got to the movies!". I said "No, let`s get dvd`s".
I won.
Don`t ask me why. Ok, at the moment there is a money issue so I can always use that as an excuse. We ended up getting dvd`s and I had fish and chips which we cooked ourselves. I opened a nice bottle of red wine. The perfect evening if you ask me.

It is now 22:30. Hayley is deep in dreamland next to me and I am watching the US Open tennis. Unfortunately the "Not so good looking one" is beating the "Reasonably good looking one" so I have lost interest. What better opportunity to get my "bloggin` down"?

We have watched some amazing dvd`s in the last few weeks. The Storm of the century hit last week. Ok, it was literally the storm of the century, the 21st century that is. Which means it was the biggest storm for 8 years and that a bigger one hit in 1999 but seeing that 1999 was not part of this century, we could call this one the Storm of the century. I digress. Because said storm hit last week we spent all weekend camped indoors. In fact cabin fever hit badly and I have the post to prove it. But, we also got to watch some dvd`s.

My favourites over the last 2 weeks or so have been Juno and Into the Wild. Both are incredibly cool movies with awesome stories to tell. I loved the performance of Ellen Page in Juno, she was amazing. Also, I have never been a big Jennifer Garner fan but her performance was exceptional. I actually found myself liking her.

Into the Wild is such a cool movie. It was a voyage into the unknown with the music of Eddie Vedder as your companion. I love Eddie Vedder. He has such an expressive voice and with Pearl Jam has made some of my favourite music.
Sean Penn is a really gifted director and I am a big fan.
The real star of the movie is Emile Hirsch. I think he is one of the best young actors in Hollywood today. I love the way he picks his movies. He obviously has a good head on his shoulders. The show stealer was Hal Holbrook though. If his character leaves you untouched, you must be a serial killer...

I am now watching a re-run of a Man Utd vs Man City game on ESPN Classic. Man Utd is winning, if they weren`t, I would be watching this specific match.

Tomorrow looks like a cracker weather wise. Not sure what we`re gonna do but Hayley mentioned Spring Cleaning. I hate those two words used together. By themselves they are really cool and I even like them. Together they do not inspire me. So wish me luck as I mow the lawn and pick up dog poo. It`s gonna be awesome....


Kevin Davis said...

Movie watchin' is the bomb. We just watch Juno again too - love it. I haven't seen Into the Wild.

We just watched a documentary called 'King of Kong; Fist full of quarters' - you have to watch it - amazing.

Francois said...

Hey Kevin, I`ll see if I can find it. Must be honest, haven`t seen it around.
Into the Wild was spectacular. I`m sure you`ll love it. If you get to see it let me know, would like to get your feedback on it.

Juno was awesome. I love Ellen Page and I thought she did an incredible job. How cool was the dad though?

David Richardson said...

My wife and I watched 'Juno' and loved it. Pretty funny stuff!

Francois said...

Hey David, it was pretty cool hey?

We watched a movie by the name of 'As it is in Heaven' this afternoon and I was absolutely captivated. I will probably do a post on it soon. Watch this space!