Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Roger Federer and the lucky number 13

I woke up to the good news this morning. I watched ESPN till about midnight last night and no sight of the final, so I reluctantly fell asleep. I hate the fact that I missed it but at least my nerves were well rested upon waking up. No pulling out the remaining 27 hair on my head.

Note to myself, maybe that`s the way to do it? Wimbledon final 2009, I`ll take a nap at 15:00 when it starts and wake up at 20:00, to be given the good news. Nope, that ain`t gonna work.

As I predicted, Roger did it fairly easily. In fact much easier than even I, the biggest Roger fan in Somerset West (I`m 97% sure of that fact), could have hoped for. I suggested 4 sets, Roger needed 3.

It`s great to have him back in the winning circle. Now it`s forward to number 14 (Aussie Open 2009) and then 15. By my calculations 15 will be the French Open, where he`ll bury Rafa in the final.

We can dream, can`t we?

For now I`m just very happy that Roger, who is half South African I might add, has another Grand Slam under his belt.

Viva Le Federer Express, Viva...


Kevin Davis said...

He is an impressive guy - but last night my Denver Broncos took the field and opened up their season crushing the Raiders. So I too was up late watching ESPN and it was glorious!

Francois said...

Congrats my man! Do you reckon the loss of Tom Brady will impact badly on the Patriots? It`s bound to. Who are the favourites for this season? I try to follow but due to the time difference it`s really tough. I watched the Superbowl last season and was blown away. I know the main guys, like Tom Brady, Eli and Peyton Manning and Brett Favre (ok I only know a few quarterbacks!).

I`ll be following your Broncos and the Eagles (Heather, a blogging buddy of mine`s team).