Friday, September 12, 2008

The Prettiest Blog on the web

You have to go check out my wifes awesome blog . It just had an Extreme Makeover. Not the kind of extreme makeover where Ty runs around with a megaphone and makes me cry in the end, no the kind where a blog is made over and becomes so beautiful that it makes me cry in the end. It is incredibly cool looking and there`s even photos of yours truly gracing the page. I suppose that gives it the edge. Either that or the fact that Fabulous K made it into a really special place.

So go have a look, it`s awesome.


Keith said...

Francois, I follow both your's and Hayley's blogs daily and I just want to say, congrats on been so positive, considering what you have shared this week. You are an inspiration to many.

Also they way you show people who proud you are of your wife is amazing. You are an amazing person and I can see why Hayley is proud of you.

I know when you guys are up in JHB time is limited, but I want to meet you. I have no trips to Cape town planned, but if I do come down, I will make a plan to hook up.

Your out look is one many could follow.

Keep it up!!

Francois said...

Hi Keith, man what do you say after such kind words? Thank you so, so much for the really uplifting words. It makes one feel truly blessed to have friends and family who take time out of their busy schedules to share their thoughts and to make one feel so special. It is deeply appreciated.

As you say, time in Jhb is usually tight but I promise to make a concerted effort to meet up with you. It`ll be great! And if ever you`re in CT, you MUST contact us, we`d love to have you over.

God bless

Hayley said...

She is the prettiest hey?

Francois said...

Yes she is my Sweetie

David Richardson said...

Yep, the girl has a top-notch blog. I'm impressed.

Heather Nicole said...

I love it! I will add it to my blog list :)

Francois said...

Heather, Hayley is beyond chuffed!