Monday, September 8, 2008

Roger Federer - The story continues

So today is the final of the last Grand Slam of the year, The US Open. This is the one Grand Slam that we (in SA) do not always get to watch due to the time difference. The final is either early in the morning or very late at night, so I have missed more finals than I`ve seen.

Today will be different though. It is Roger`s 3rd GS final in a row this year and his nemesis (this year in any case) Rafael Nadal was knocked out by Andy Murray. A 0 for 3 record is unheard of when it comes to Roger, so I am very comfortable that he`ll put it right this evening. I found this on Rafa`s blog and it shows just what a great sportsman he is:

I am writing a short note as my last blog post from New York. I am flying back home to Spain and will have 3 days of rest. Andy played better than me both yesterday and today and he deserved to win. No excuses, no complaints. Some have asked if I had something to say about yesterday and the match being changed of courts, etc. The conditions are the same for both players and he simply played better. I had said on my previous blog that I knew this was a very, very difficult match. That Andy was playing great and that I knew this could happen. Well, it did.
Tomorrow it will be his first Grand Slam final and I am happy for him. It will be difficult for him since Roger is still Roger. I remember when lots of people were saying he was finished. I always said that Roger deserved more respect, and that he is still there, the favourite always. Well, he is in the final, again. Good luck to both and let's hope we see a great tennis match.

I must say I have been very impressed by Andy Murray. He is a very talented young man who seems to have gotten his temper a bit more under control. He has been known for his petulant behavior in the past but has been pretty well behaved during the last fortnight. However, it`s easy to be well behaved when things go your way, like it has been going Andy`s way. What will happen when Roger puts him under pressure and things start unraveling? Well, we`ll have to wait and see.

I always get very nervous when Roger`s on court. I am just such a big fan that I live those matches myself! I know, I`m a loser but I really get very tense whenever Roger plays. I so want him to beat Pete Sampras` record of 14 Grand Slams. At the beginning of the year, I thought he would have been at least equal by now. That was not to be. Roger fell ill just before the Aussie Open and has not been his imperious self this whole year. He has however been fighting all the way and today might just mark the occasion where he gets his 13th GS. I really hope he does.

So, will a venture a prediction? Of course I will! It`s gonna be Roger in 4 sets and he`ll make it 5 in a row in NYC.
Please, please, please let me be right…..


Miller said...

I think you are spot on. The Fed will take it. Murray is playing well but lacks something.

Francois said...

Just woke up to the AWESOME news. Well played Roger, you da man!

Remember how disappointed we were after the Wimbledon final? Thank goodness the man is back. Now for number 14 in Australia.

Heather Nicole said...

Amen! That is such uplifting news to hear. Also, great to know that someone reads my blog, wahoo!

The story of the Prodial Son is one that I think everyone can relate to in some way. Whether it be rebeling from your parents as a teenager or loosing sight of God in your life. But when its all said and done the ones who we rebel against are always the ones to welcome us back home after we have strayed.

God is Good!

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